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XML Edition

FastParser is a Java Xml parser
  • High performance XML parser (benchmarks* : up to +100% faster compared to Xerces and JDK1.4 integrated parser)
  • SAX Level 1 and 2 compliant
  • DOM support
  • JAXP compatibility
  • Namespace support
  • Ideal for embedded device
  • Ideal for Web Services (SOAP...) and XSL
  • Core parsing package very compact (without DOM) :  26Ko
  • Ideal for real time parsing needs
  • Modular libraries
  • Embedded device mode support (including minimal memory usage)
  • XML Comment optional support
  • CDATA, Entities, Character reference support
  • Optimization choice mode (low, medium, high parsing)
  • Preserved or not extra whitespace between tags
  • Include any node type with a custom NodeFactory
  • Walker for navigating easily through XML trees
  • Rich API for finding nodes, text with multiple criterias (OR,AND,NOT operator)
  • Subset for XPath
  • Many API samples (swing, sax, xslt, dom...) and benchmark test included
  • JDK1.1 and later compliant

* Benchmarks on Linux/JDK1.4.1 with 100 iterations on a 16Ko XML file with "normal" parsing mode

File FastParser
Xerces 2
JDK 1.4 parser
test2.xml (16089 bytes) First:71 ms / Last:3 ms / Average:4 ms First:397 ms/ Last:6 ms/ Average:13 ms First:13 ms/Last:12 ms/Average:7 ms